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MvM: Music via Motion


MvM (Music via Motion) is a research framework to create an augmented and interactive audio-visual space, which is intuitive, non-intrusive and user-friendly.

MvM explores electronics, sensors and computing technologies, to enables interdisciplinary collaboration, integrating multiple creative domains and technologies. Various MvM designs and developments (see links below) offer simple music interface or control mechanism to simulate virtual and augmented musical instruments as well as interactive audiovisual environment for stage performance and installation.

It is hoped that systems such as this could widen participation of music making and provide alternative routes to musical creativity for many people, including those for whom conventional instruments are not an option due to physical constraints.

MvM has been featured by BBC News 24, BBC Tomorrow’s World Plus, Sky TV Science Review, and in the Financial Times (FT), the New York Times and others. There have been great interests from a wide variety of disciplines, including choreography, composition, installation arts, music therapy and others.

MvM Augmented Drum @ MAXIS 2002


This presentation/demo presents two implementations of the MvM framework, which aims to translate activities from one creative domain onto another:

The motion sensitive visual tracking prototype can be viewed as an example of virtual instrument; an instrument without physical constraints, with dynamic and flexible configuration and mapping. In this case the whole body of the user/performer could be an instrument, and hence, dance was naturally one of the initial application (also see MvM/CoIN project for more details).

The augmented drum system uses standard drum brushes with added electronic sensor to measure the motion of the brush in order to provide additional control to the drummer. An interface circuitry based on a PIC16x84 micro-controller is designed and built in order to detect the bend of the drum brush and communicate the data via a serial port of a PC.

The Coat of Invisible Notes (CoIN)


The Coin project is the first example of a MvM collaborative artistic integration, sponsored by the Yorkshire Arts. It brings together multiple creative domains to build specially designed costumes, music and dance within an interactive audiovisual augmented environment provided by MvM.

The MvM/CoIN system uses input from a video camera to process video-frames acquired in real-time, detects and tracks visual changes of the scene under inspection, and generates interesting and relevant musical events using an extensible set of mapping functions. The MvM prototype detects visual activities using video data with no physical sensors or markers. This enables freedom of movement for the users.

MvM/CoIN integrating dance, costume and music, with MvM technology. Two special dance performances, featuring a world premiere of an original interdisciplinary collaboration: 6:00 PM Friday 29th September 2000, Clothworkers Centenary Concert Hall, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK

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