Interdisciplinary Centre for Scientific Research in Music (ICSRiM)

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Research Projects

Weaving Codes – Coding Weaves, funded by the AHRC

Live Coding Network, funded by the AHRC

AHRC Digital Transformations in the Arts and Humanities – Big Data Project on Optical Music Recognition

Live Interfaces 

Ruskin Rocks

I-MAESTRO EC IST project, 2.4 MEuro


CASPAR EC IST project, 8.8 MEuro (press release)

AXMEDIS EC IST project, 8.4 MEuro

COST-287 ConGAS: Gesture Controlled Audio Systems (ConGAS), COST Action no. 287, TIST (completed)

Optical Manuscript Recognition

MUSICNETWORK EC IST project (completed)

Yorkshire Quarry Arts (YQA) project, MIST (completed)

MvM 3D: 3D Gesture Interface for Interactive Multimedia Performance [Body movement to create music]

Expressive Piano Gesture

Music via Motion (MvM)

eBallet: Expressive Ballet

Scorebot: Theory and Design of an Automated Film Scoring Application

Tonality and Key Signature Detection

Augmented Drum

Hands-on Dance: An Interactive Dance-Making Project

Tuning by Ratios

Irish Music Database

Real-time pitch tracking

exp MIDI

Non-linear dynamical systems as musical generators

Multimedia teaching systems, MIDI Guide, TLTP

Multimedia teaching systems, Mixing desk, TLTP

Java Timecode Calculator: Sam Pollard’s Java Timecode Calculator

George Petrie Pendulum Length to Metronome Converter: [Petrienome]

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