Interdisciplinary Centre for Scientific Research in Music (ICSRiM)

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ICSRM has the following generic aims:

Summary of the Research Portfolio of the ICSRM

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Scientific Research in Music provides a venue for research and development in the following three areas:

Creative human-computer interactions


  1. to develop software which allows the performer to make a fuller use of the range of gestural information in the control of a suitably specified synthesis engine
  2. to research and develop a polyphonic pitch-tracking system
  3. to develop novel algorithms for automated composition
  4. to develop software and integrate hardware for the tracking of performers
  5. to develop 3D computer models of artificial environments and virtual performers
  6. to develop a software package to concurrently edit digital video and audio streams in a multimedia environment
  7. to develop appropriate HCIs for the above

Analysis, synthesis and encoding of musical sound


  1. to develop new analytical software
  2. to develop software and hardware for sound synthesis
  3. to develop algorithms for the encoding and compression of data representing music and sound
  4. to develop an Optical Music Recognition system for hand-written manuscript

Applications of Music Psychology


  1. to research the perception and production of expressive features in performance (timing, dynamics, continuous modulations).
  2. to research control and co-ordination of timing in performance.
  3. to identify and categorise acoustic and electroacoustic sound sources
  4. to develop research tools for collection and analysis of empirical data from musical performances
  5. to develop algorithmic tools for error identification and report


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