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AISB Convention 2004

This four day convention consisted of the following:

  • Fourth Symposium on Adaptive Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (AAMAS-4), Chair: Daniel Kudenko
  • Symposium on Emotion, Cognition, and Affective Computing, Chair: Colin G. Johnson
  • COST287-ConGAS Symposium on Gesture Interfaces for Multimedia Systems, Chairs: Kia Ng, Nicola Bernardini, Antonio Camurri
  • Symposium on Immune System and Cognition (ImmCog-2004), Chair: Simon Garrett
  • Symposium on Language, Speech and Gesture for Expressive Characters, Chairs: Ruth Aylett, Marc Cavazza and Patrick Olivier
  • Eleventh Workshop on Automated Reasoning: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice, Chair: Brandon Bennett

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